New York City Real Estate Porn

A NYC broker who sees it all:The great, the good, the bad, the ugly.

All are active listings on day of posting;if your listing and want removed, just ask.

Upper East Side - this five bedroom on Park Avenue is a maisonette, which means ground floor. I am not personally a big fan of this first floor location, but damn, this is one very fine apartment. Handsome. As much as the study is a little much for me, I could really enjoy it.

Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill - The 90’s on the Upper East Side offer terrific value as well as wonderful space. This townhouse, although a modest size (for a city house) of 3,000 square feet, has kept its old world charm.

Columbus Circle  - Okay, so you need a four bedroom and you want about as crazy a view as available in NYC, from the 72nd floor. And you have $20 million as your budget. Here you go. As condos go, with its own interior elevator between levels, this one is swell-est.

Greenpoint,  Brooklyn - This 2100 square foot townhouse is small inside, but with a very large heart.For $1.85 million, this is one sweet home. Greenpoint is now officially an uber-hip place to live, like Williamsburg, although not as pricey. The kitchen is too busy for my taste, but easily simplified more to my liking. I’d love to sell this and make someone very, very happy.

Carnegie Hill (Upper East side) - With over 4,000 square feet, this 11 room townhouse is just plain charming. A sophisticated home that feels good. And yes, I’m partial to the kitchen and the tree-house.

Tribeca - This 1450 sq ft  loft is in an 1886 Flemish-style building, designed initially by  architect Stephen Decatur Hatch as a warehouse. Now it is a condo, with apartments costing just under $2000 per square foot. That is Tribeca defined.

Brooklyn, Park Slope - A limestone townhouse asking $2.9 million with 3800 square feet. Assuming the building is as structurally sound as it is handsome and well-located, this is a very good deal. That wood panelling knocks me out; not as much a fan of wood decking for the outdoors, but hell, I’d change it.

Fort Greene - In one of my very favorite ‘hoods, this two family townhouse would be quadruple in price in Manhattan (okay, maybe triple) — and how charmingly sweet is it? Very! Love the garden.

Chelsea - A three bedroom loft, close to the meatpacking district. Despite its $2,000 per square foot price tag, which places it on the higher side in this crazy town, I don’t find it as cool as I’d like it to be… for example, I find the mash up of window style in the living room more jarring than attractive. Highly subjective, I admit.

Greenwich Village - This area is also called NOHO (NOrth of HOuston). The living room of this two bedroom is pretty darn cool, but outshone by the staircase and the outdoor terrace.